Life Lesson

I struggle with the business element of my clay passion. I think many artists do. It’s a journey where I constantly learn, adjust and tweak the mix. Success if often gauged in dollars, but one thing I have learned along the way is that it’s not the only marker. I think giving – of your time, of your talent, of your product – is another important element of ‘work.’ And I’ve found over time, that giving most often leads to receiving. 

I demonstrated the clay quilting technique I use to make Lazy Susans at The Muse in Frederick, Md. this past weekend. I had a great time! I like getting out of the studio and sharing what I do on a daily basis with people. 


I always try to donate a piece of my work for fundraisers when I'm asked. Here's an example of a mixed media piece I make that is going to help raise money for The Heartly House, Inc. in Frederick, Md. which helps survivors of violence and abuse.