Clearing the Clutter

A colorful array of vases recently sprung from my studio!

A colorful array of vases recently sprung from my studio!

One way I know it is Spring time in my household is that list of projects I’ve been meaning to do, are now getting done. And that clean up and clean out attitude is evident in my studio as well.  I am a messy potter. I admit that happily and freely. When the creative juices are running, organization and tidiness are not part of the process. Somehow that clutter helps release or lead to ideas that translate into my work. But after a creative flurry, I like to clean up and organize my studio for the next rally.


I think I do this for a number of reasons. I often hear two of my mother’s mottos in my head, “Every job has a beginning, middle and END (the End part meaning 'clean up')!” and “There is a place for everything and everything in its place.” By putting tools back where they belong (so I can find them the next time I need them), wiping down dusty surfaces, washing brushes and creating a new clean slate, I’m ready for the next round of work.

I find the clean up process offers it’s own satisfaction as well. It’s helps me close out and erase what I’ve completed and begin anew. Isn’t that what Spring is all about? 


My father made this chest over fifty years ago to organize his tools for woodworking projects. It's got a central location in my studio and holds many of my own tools.










A Place For...6.jpg

Texture is a big part of my work. I've recently organized my stamps and rollers in this lazy susan contraption I found at Home Depot. 


Displaying my color samples on the wall helps me during my glazing process. This foam 'board' works perfectly with my test tiles! I found it at The Container Store. 

kiln room. jpg
kiln furniture.jpg

 Even my kiln room gets put back together after a firing flurry!

A place for everything and everything in it's place!