Top 10 Reasons To Plant ClayByLaura In Your Yard!

10. These Flowers Will Never Die:

9. Birds Will Have A Place To Live:

8. Birds will have a place to drink and bathe:


7. Birds will have a place to eat:

6. Toads will love this shady spot and eat those uninvited garden pests:

5. You won’t forget what you planted:

garden markers. jpg

4. After you've watered your flowers, you can display them inside:

watering can.jpg

3. Custom totems artistically trumpet your address, message or lifestyle:

2. It’s like jewelry for your plants:


1. It will make you happy!


There are lots of reasons to add a fun piece of garden art to your yard. If the item you want is not currently in stock, tell me what I can create in the studio for you!

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